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Developing Future Science Leaders for a Human City

SFTx, a scheme led by university students, which aims at providing STEM education experience to Form 3 - Form 5 students outside classrooms so as to enhance their enthusiasm and knowledge about science.



To Promote Universal STEM Education, in Alignment with Formal Education Curriculum

Under Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown of education institutions is causing a huge interruption in students’ learning. Hence, the project acts as a supplementary learning opportunity for them.

To Equip Students with the Ability to Apply Scientific Knowledge to Real Life

Creativity and innovation rely heavily on the process of creating and applying new knowledge.

To Expand Social Network for Students

Participants will get to meet like-minded friends; Student Ambassadors will get to meet friends with similar fields of study.

To Facilitate the Holistic Development of Students

Apart from intellectual development, leadership can be built up and personal development can be fostered through this project.

To Promote Scientific Engagement across Hong Kong, the Rest of China and the World

Connecting the scientific community in Hong Kong with a
broader community and society.

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